Since you are reading this I assume that you are interested in gaining “unfair advantage” in games (but not only). That’s exactly what we will be doing here. I would like to take you on a journey into the world of botting and automating.  Along the way, I will try to tell you what are the risks and how to minimize the chance of being hit by the mighty ban hammer. This kind of knowledge is also useful outside of games to create various scripts which can handle tedious work for you so you can watch more YouTube, Twitch or do whatever you want to do with your life. I expect a basic understanding of programming languages. Code snippets will be provided in either AutoIt or C#. AutoIt is really simple (yet powerful) scripting language allowing inputs handling, windows management and image analysis in a user-friendly way. If you don’t know sh*$ about programming I highly recommend some online tutorials on the matter (AutoIt tutorials, C# tutorial). Both languages are fairly easy to pick up. Programming has a bright future anyway.

Remember, whatever you do, you do it on your own risk. Whatever I present here is for educational purposes only. Most of it will be in conflict with ToS and may result in a ban. You have been warned! Now let’s have some phun.

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